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An all-in-one STUDIO, LABEL and production house

 recording | production | composition | mixing/mastering | animation

Jamhouse Records is a boutique recording studio, record label and production house cranking out tasty jams for artists and brands. Created in 2015 by Josh & the Jamtones singer/songwriter Josh Shriber and producer/composer Pat Hanlin, the little indie-label-that-could has already written and recorded songs for national organization like The NBALife is Good, Chuck E Cheese and Sirius XM and people like President Barak Obama and the White House. In a nutshell, Jamhouse:

1) offers artist-friendly rates for both local and remote recording, production, arrangement, and development

2) offers best-in-class scoring for film and adverts. 

3) houses a dynamic music and video catalogue for television, movie and video game licensing 

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