a new record for kids and families by Josh & the Jamtones

(For physical copy, please contact patrick@jamminwithyou.com)

"Leaves Lots of Imagination Space and Hits Just the Right Tone for the 21-Century Kid" -Broadway World

BOSTON (August 21) -- Introducing ROCKSTEADY, the fifth full-length studio album by kid-centric ska rockers Josh & the Jamtones! Chock full of frenetic ska/reggae/pop dance party jams, ROCKSTEADY is guaranteed to listeners of all ages singing, laughing and moving their bodies, regardless of age, height, shoe size, etc. 

Featuring special guests Jesse Peter Wagner (lead singer of LA's legendary "dirty reggae" band The Aggrolites), Grammy-nominated hip hop MC Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, and Jamaican  Father Goose (featured on the Grammy-winning Dan Zanes family albums)! 

This record's got serious swagger: infectious ska-centric jams run into stadium-sized monster rock choruses, which blend into a capella sing-alongs fueled by slick beat boxing and massive four-part harmonies--all packaged into a ball of frenetic dance party craziness! 

Explains Jamtones' singer/songwriter Josh Shriber, "ROCKSTEADY was a mad dance party mission over a year in the making! I've worked in the past with numberous bands, teams, committees, sub-committees, boards, conglomerates, and associations, and I know when a partnership feels right. Our producer/drummer Pat Hanlin and I have found a really fun, creative chemistry, and I think it shines through on this record, which is the first major release on our own label, Jamhouse Records. It's been terrific working with our label's amazing studio musicians and our mix engineer [Grammy nominated] James Zaner. I'm psyched to get kids moving with these tunes!" 

featuring the title track, "rocksteady," now #1 on sirius x/m's kids place Live countdown!!