audio production and catalogue

featuring a collection of staff-picks and personal favorites, plucked from the expansive Jamhouse Records music catalogue..



commercial scoring

Jamhouse provides hand-tailored  music scoring for ads and film; past clients include the White House, NBA, MLB, Life is Good, Sirius XM

POTUS "My brother's keeper" mentorship program

President Barack Obama and the White House are teaming up with Nike, the NBA and others to help recruit 25,000 new mentors around the country for his "My Brother's Keeper" legacy initiative..

Life is Good #Lifeisgoodbecause Campaign

Check out the full version of "Ride of Your Life," a song we wrote for our buddies over at Life is good for their "Draw Why Life is Good" art contest. Quoting LiG's "Chief Creative Optimist" J. Jacobs "Our goal with this contest is to celebrate and inspire that raw sense of optimism, remind people of the simple things that make life good, and to raise money to help kids overcome poverty, violence and illness.”

Boston Parkour Project SCORE


We offer videography solutions of all shapes and sizes! Writing and direction, shooting and editing, animation, live-capture video, etc..